New electric record: E-Parade in the Netherlands with 746 electric vehicles

E-parade, world record in Netherlands, 746 EV's in a row
E-parade, world record in Netherlands, 746 EV's in a row

Scandinavian countries have one of the biggest shares of the electric vehicle among all new cars sold. Therefore, we are not surprised about their latest E-Parade record.

Dutch took the record from the Germans

In the Netherlands, they decided to improve the world record in the number of 100% electric vehicles driving in an e-parade. In order to beat the previous record, set about two years ago in Berlin, they had to gather more than 577 electric vehicles. Their attempt was more that successful since they managed to include 746 electric vehicles.

The colorful E-Parade party: Tesla, BMW, Nissan, Renault, solar car…


E-parade, the world record in Netherlands, 746 EV’s in a row looks fantastic.

E-Parade of electric vehicles on the 3.6-kilometer stretch between Helmond and Eindhoven in the southern Dutch province of Brabant was organized by the Rotary Club Eindhoven Eeckaerde.

The record-breaking parade consisted of very different types and models of cars, from Nissan to Renault, from BMW to Tesla and many others.

The e-parade of the vehicles also included electric buses and trucks, e-bicycles and “Segway”. And one of the most interesting vehicles? Definitely a car, powered by solar energy.

There is a room for the record improvement

The Netherland is known for their high market share of plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles.  One of the main reasons is a high government support through the exemption of the registration fee and road taxes.

Although these rules are changing and are not as good as last year, the EV and PHEV sales are still extremely high taking into account the number of people living in this relatively small European country.

From 2009 to 2015 they registered almost 89,000 plug-in passenger cars and utility vans, in 2015 alone over 42,000. With the adjustment of government help the sales went down in 2016, but still, they registered almost 10,000 new cars from this growing segment.

Their most popular plug-in electric car is by far Mitsubishi Outlander P-HEV, followed by Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid and Volkswagen Golf GTE.

The top spot in 100% electric cars category is reserved for Tesla Model S with over 6,000 cars registered.

E-parade profit for a good cause

The money collected on e-parade is donated to charity, this time for a program of education of children in poor disadvantaged neighborhoods.

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