longest uber ride-williamsburg-new-york-map

The longest Uber ride so far

Probably the longest Uber ride and the most expensive one so far was ordered by a girl who wanted to see her boyfriend. The girl in love and her persistent Uber driver drove from Williamsburg, Virginia all…

2016 Toyota C-HR review

2016 Toyota C-HR Review: well armed and ready to fight

Special, different and unique. With these words, we can describe the new Japanese sub compact crossover SUV, Toyota C-HR. A confident statement is based on what C-HR offers. And it really offers a lot: very good performance, unique…

2016 Toyota Avensis Touring Sports

2016 Toyota Avensis – refreshed and accessible

The business sedan market has a limited customer base. And these buyers have rational desires. Therefore, Japanese engineers somehow chose a middle path while renovating the 2016 Toyota Avensis. Customers are offered fairly refreshed, not completely new, and…

2016 Toyota Corolla

How a taste for cars vary from country to country

Sushi in Japan, pizza in Italy and borscht in Russia. Or the Toyota Aqua in Japan, Fiat Panda in Italy and Hyundai Solaris in Russia. We take for granted that people from different cultures like different food…

New 2016 Toyota Prius IV

2016 Toyota Prius – Ecological pioneer of modern time

The beginner of modern-day hybrid vehicles, Toyota Prius. In its fourth generation it upgrades the ecologically noble mission by understanding the driver. All drivers, not just those most economical. It remains an ecologist, but with a more decisive driving…

Toyota bought Daihatsu

Toyota bought Daihatsu

Toyota Motor Corporation finally bought its subsidiary Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd., which will took over the development of the smaller cars segment, but will also have an access to Toyota’s technology. With this acquisition Toyota…

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