BMW X2 vs BMW X1: Which one to choose?

BMW X2 vs BMW X1 comparison

BMW has now filled up all the gaps in naming their X-models. In the range from 1 to 6, only number 2 was missing. And now we have it, the brand new BMW X2. In order to find out where exactly BMW X2 belongs in this X-range, we put it on the side of the already established BMW X1. So here we go, BMW X2 vs BMW X1 technical comparison.

Video comparison: BMW X2 vs BMW X1

Basic info


Manufacturer: BMW
Production: 2017 – present (first generation)
Class: Subcompact luxury SUV / crossover
Assembly: Regensburg (Germany)


Manufacturer: BMW
Production: 2009 – 2015 (first generation), 2015 – present (second generation)
Class: Subcompact luxury SUV / crossover
Assembly: Regensburg (Germany), Born (Netherlands), Kulim (Malaysia), Sunter (Indonesia), Shenyang (China)


Exterior dimensions: X2 vs X1

BMW X2 vs BMW X1 exterior dimension length width height wheelbase ground clearance

BMW X2 vs BMW X1: exterior dimension (length, width, height, wheelbase, ground clearance)

It looks like the new BMW X2 inherits the same wheelbase length from its “older” brother, the wheelbase measures 2,670 mm or 105.1 inches in both cases. If you thought X2 is longer than X1 because it wears the higher number in its name then, well, you are wrong. BMW X2 is actually 79 mm (or 3.1 inches) shorter than X1 due to its shorter overhangs. There is no obvious difference in width, but the BMW X1 is much higher. 86 mm or 3.4 inches to be exact.

Oh, and if you are thinking which of these two will climb more easily over that edge in front of your house? Both or none. Because there is practically no difference in their ground clearance.

Interior dimensions: BMW X2 vs BMW X1

BMW X2 vs BMW X1 interior dimension legroom head room shoulder room

BMW X2 vs BMW X1: interior dimensions (legroom, head room, shoulder room)

The difference in interior dimensions is the most obvious with the headroom. X1 has good two inches (around 6 centimeters) more headroom than X2.

Other differences in internal dimensions are so small that they are completely irrelevant.

Luggage compartment: BMW X2 vs BMW X1

BMW X2 vs BMW X1 luggage compartment cargo volume

BMW X2 vs BMW X1: luggage compartment / cargo volume

BMW X1 has a bit bigger luggage compartment. When rear seats are up, it can offer 35 liters (VDA standard) or 5.5 cu. ft. (US standard) more volume than BMW X2. The difference gets even bigger when the rear seats are folded down. Look at the picture above to see the exact numbers. It could be a decisive factor for some buyers, right?

BMW X2 vs X1 engines

BMW X2 vs BMW X1 engines petrol diesel max power torque

BMW X2 vs BMW X1: engines (petrol, diesel, max power, max torque)

No differences here, as expected. As far as engines are concerned, at least there will be no excuse that you have bought one instead of another because the first one was not strong enough. Both X2 and X1 offer exactly the same engine range, with the same displacement, max power, and max torque.

Performance: X2 vs X1

BMW X2 vs BMW X1 performance top speed acceleration

BMW X2 vs BMW X1: performance (top speed, acceleration 0-100 km/h, 0-62 mph)

Kilometer per hour up or down, a tenth of a second faster or slower. Totally irrelevant. We can easily claim that approximately the same size of both cars with exactly the same engines accelerates equally quick and achieves the same maximum speed.

So, NO, BMW X2 is not faster than BMW X1, and X1 is not quicker to 100 km/h (62 mph). Period.

Price: BMW X2 vs BMW X1

BMW X2 vs BMW X1 price USA germany uk france

BMW X2 vs BMW X1: price comparison (USA, Germany, UK, France)

And as usual, everything starts and ends at a price. Buyers in the USA will face the biggest dilemma since the price difference is the smallest there. In Germany, for example, this difference is noticeably higher. And probably time will show if it’s too big.

Final comparison: Is it all about the looks?

We honestly think that BMW X1 is not the best looking BMW SUV. What about X2? It’s getting closer, much closer. So, better design or more practicality? Bigger luggage volume or greater perception by passers-by?

Both these cars are great. We do not question that at all. But which one to choose? We suggest that you first check your bank account if there are those extra few thousands on it. Then answer the above two questions. And the right decision will come by itself.

Image credit: BMW, World Auto Evolution Youtube Channel

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